What we do

Imagine a world where entrepreneurs can access their net worth at the touch of a button

  • where the unlisted private companies market comes alive to real-time valuations
  • where owners and employees can access greater incentives and rewards schemes
  • where corporate financing is cheaper and easier to source



Private company valuation platform.


Our corporate offering for employee share options plan.


Our offering for portfolio investors (private equity and angel investors).


Our suite of private equity indices.

Cutting edge technology

Applying AI and machine learning to deliver real-time valuations

Algorithms that deliver state of the art valuation

Why choose us


  • Leveraging technology significantly reduces costs
  • A tiered pricing model
  • Value for money product offering


  • Real time private company valuations
  • Dynamic updates based on the stock market
  • Instantaneous push notifications

More reliable

  • Eliminates human error
  • Strict internal control framework
  • Self-adjusting and adaptive AI

User friendly

  • More accessible than traditional valuations
  • Instant delivery on any platform
  • Customized delivery and functionality

Robust control, regulatory compliance and disclosure

Adopting the highest standards of integrity and care

Voluntary adoption of FCA guidance on disclosures and risk warnings.
All our valuations are indicative and come with full disclosures.

About Listings Ledger


Empowering our clients to make optimal decisions instantly


Providing a platform for real time valuations of private companies


Optimising unprecedented amounts of data using advanced science.
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Broby

Our platform utilizes the latest financial technology, combining breakthroughs in data capture, machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide a seamless and addictive user experience.

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Amandeep Sahota

We deploy state-of-the-art technology which enables machines to process, learn and deliver in real-time business valuations to a digitally connected world.

Co-founder & Chief Information Officer & Product Owner

Icy Zhang

Our web interface for our product and wireless delivery will bring the richness of our service to a global customer base.

Chief Compliance Officer

Andrew Smith

We adopt the highest professional standards and ethics in the production of our valuations. We believe this gives us a competitive advantage.

Chief Product Officer

Matthew Welstead

What we bring to the table is automation. The valuation team, however, provides oversight and realism, making the output more accurate.

Chief Marketing Officer

David Clarke

When we say, “we value our customers”, we mean it. In valuing private companies, we are delivering a service that previously was difficult to obtain.